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At LowCountry Steak in midtown Atlanta, we were thrilled to provide a wide range of consulting services to help establish this unique and exciting dining experience. We worked closely with the owners to develop a distinctive concept that would set them apart in the competitive Atlanta restaurant scene. We developed an amazing concept with an elevated selection of dishes that set the restaurant apart from its sister locations, yet, remained true to the brand's Southern inspired roots. 


Menu Development

Working closely with renown chef G. Garvin, were were tasked with developing a menu that not only offered classic staples that would be familiar at most steakhouse restaurants, but also showcased elevated Southern staples, flavors, and ingredients to set LowCountry Steak apart from its competitors. The resulting menu included a superb steak menu, with Southern classics like Mac & Cheese kicked up with Maine lobster, and Bread Pudding made with doughnuts, applewood smoked bacon, and honey cream.


Branding & Identity

The overall goal for the brand strategy was to craft bold and modern identity compatible within the steakhouse market, without deviating too far from the established LowCountry Restaurant brand. We worked closely with the restaurant's owners to understand their vision and values, and developed a comprehensive branding strategy that included an exterior and interior logo, color scheme, typography, and overall visual aesthetic. The resulting brand identity was bold, modern, and distinctive, with a cohesive look and feel that set LowCountry Steak apart from its competitors. We also ensured that the new branding was consistent across all touchpoints, from the website to the menus to the interior design of the restaurant itself. 


We created an atmosphere that perfectly balances the restaurant's upscale feel with a warm and inviting ambiance. Our layout provides ample space for patrons to move around and staff to serve without disruption and we incorporated elements of the restaurant's brand to ensure that the design was cohesive and representative of their upscale dining experience. Every detail was considered, down to furniture selection, cutlery and wall art, to deliver an amazing dining experience that was on-brand and within the allotted budget.