Jinbei West

A unique fusion of modern Korean and Japanese cuisine



Jinbei West


Brand & Identity Design

Concept Development

Employee Recruitment

Interior Planning

Kitchen Design

Menu Development & Design

POS Systems Integration

Employee Training

Website Design

Offering a unique fusion of modern Japanese and Korean cuisine, Jinbei West came to GFG to establish their concept as a standout in the Asian food scene. Our team was tasked with developing the concept from the ground up and creating an identity that stays true to the values of the company, and also communicates its connection to the founder's other endeavors under the Jinbei name. We developed a comprehensive plan that included everything from designing the interior of the restaurant to hiring and training staff.

Kitchen Design & Interior

Our goal was to create a modern and inviting space that was in line with the brand identity, target customers, and functional requirements of the restaurant. In addition to the kitchen layout, sushi bar, and other functional requirements, we were tasked with providing different dining experiences for patrons. This was accomplished by designating separate zones within the space that afforded guests a variety of seating and dining experiences, such as booth, table, and sushi bar.


We explored a number of options around themes of transformation and progress, but ultimately landed on an elegant logo that is simple, bold and modern. The final mark pulled from visual elements of other restaurants in the Jinbei family to feel familiar, but elevated. The bold circular nature feels strong and timeless, while the use of bold bright color offers a spirited feel.



As part of Jinbei West's brand launch, we extended their brand identity throughout their web experience. Type selection and bold borders were used to mimic the look & feel of the logo and utilized hi-resolution photography of the interior and specialty dishes to entice and delight the visitor.