LowCountry Restaurants

LowCountry Restaurants

No other regional American cuisine brings more excitement and personifies true American family cooking than Southern-style cooking. Ribs, chicken, regional Gulf seafood and corn-fed beef, fresh vegetables and peach cobbler all bring images of supper time and good times with good friends. The cuisine of the Southern United States is defined as the regional culinary form of states generally south of the Mason-Dixon Line westerly to the state of Texas. This cuisine manifests influences from traditions of various indigenous peoples and settlers that have inhabited this region of the country.

LowCountry combines the best of southern hospitality and exciting combination of New Southern Cuisine and popular American favorites created by Chef G. Garvin. Co-founded by T.C. Mosby Investments, LLC and Chef G. Garvin, LowCountry is an upscale-casual restaurant featuring New Southern Cuisine in the upper-end of casual dining. New Southern Cuisine fuses fresh regional ingredients and flavor profiles with comfort foods familiar to those traveling in the south.

LowCountry Restaurants (the “Company”) is a California-based restaurant development and management company, that intends to create a chain of upscale-casual southern-style restaurants that embody the spirit of southern hospitality while delivering consistent excellence in food and service.

The goal of the Company is to create an entirely new upscale-casual Southern-style restaurant chain that appeals to a broad demographic. The Company intends to leverage the culinary success of Chef Garvin to execute its business plan. Additionally, the Company has retained key business advisers including Ray Villaman and Bailiwick Capital to assist in concept development and project management. Mr. Villaman and Bailiwick Capital combined have over 50 years of restaurant experience bringing concept creation, operations, development, real estate, corporate finance and strategic planning experience to the Company.

Beginning with a location in Atlanta, Georgia, the Company plans to expand the brand using its access to human, real estate and capital resources.