Here at Garvin Food Group, our mission is simple: Deliver the highest quality food products, services and entertainment. We apply years of expertise in the food, services and entertainment industry to deliver unparalleled results for our brands, partners, and clients. Our services include restaurant consulting, kitchen & restaurant design, treatments, food styling, private dining, recipe development, recipe testing, live cooking demos, tv production, new restaurant concept & development, and more.

We’ve partnered with the very best companies that represent our values to deliver products through our numerous brands (i.e. Crunch! Gourmet, Marketplace Online, G Garvin Online, and LowCountry Restaurants). Not only do we take pride in the products we develop and sell, but we also use them throughout the company in our various business entities and partnerships. These values also extend to our entertainment ventures, and we take pride in our efforts to create opportunity in the entertainment space for character driven production showcasing the country's newest and brightest talent.

If you would like more information or would like to reach out to us directly. Please visit our contact page for more details.


Gerry Garvin

President & CEO

Charles Boyd

Creative Director

Sharliss Asbury

Online Sales